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Guillermo Guareschi Film Music Composer
Guillermo Guareschi 
Music Composer

Film composer and orchestrator. I write music for movies and prime time TV shows. Most of them where blockbusters which changed the direction of film music in Argentina and also the way of crafting films and prime time TV series.


Dias de Vinilo, Musica en Espera, El Fondo del Mar-Damian Szifron , Los Paranoicos, among others.


For prime time TV I've wrote: Los Simuladores-Damian Szifron, Hermanos & Detectives-Damian Szifron, Montecristo, Vidas Robadas, Ciega a Citas, Mitos, Unidos por la Historia, El Elegido. (Telefe, History Channel, America, Canal 7)


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